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Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm EST
of the hired live right here in the district of columbia. but not everyone in the city is happy to see the rollout of the largest retailer in the nation. >> they always drive small businesses out of business. basically, it is bombing the retail landscape in the city. change over 65 years here. she says she welcomes walmart. new at noon, walmart stepping in after thieves ripped off the salvation army in bc they donated $15,000 to replace weekend.len over the on sunday, crooks broke in to the community center in southeast. days of redeveral kettle donations. police are still looking for the thieves. new at noon, dozens of animal remains determined to belong to wildlife, not pets. county investigators initially thought one of the animals was a dog. now they say that is not true. the animal services department says the case is closed and no cruelty charges will be filed. of nelson mandela says he is putting up a courageous fight, but he is not doing too well. his daughter said that even from teachingmandela is them lessons in patience, love, and tolerance. he is 95 years old. he was releas
Dec 5, 2013 12:00pm EST
. thousands of minimum-wage employees in hundreds of cities around the country are not working today. -- thee protesting protests at this broadway mcdonald's started before dawn. withyees marched out demands an hour before lunch time. the iconic obama posters have been changed from hope to help. they are wearing santa hats and jingle bells, but it is a union to moveational movement them from $7.25 an hour to more than double to nearly $15. the fast food industry warns if you raise the minimum wage, you create fewer jobs and raise the prices of meals by as much as 20%. perhaps fueling this one-day strike and demonstrations is the fact that president obama has expressed support in the past couple of days for the movement that has drawn nearly 50,000 signatures on an online petition to secure the right to unionize. this woman says, we have to pay extensive rent, food, and metro. $10 after 11 years, it's just not enough. >> back here live, a typical fast food employee makes just $19,000 a year. some of these folks say they are willing to get arrested to get the point across. right now, they are o
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm EST
and rebound on the bill that would raise the cities minimum wage. community groups rallied outside the building this morning. they are supporting a bill that would raise the min voice to $11.50 an hour. mayor vincent gray once the minimum wage to be still higher than -- no higher than $10 an hour, but the bill has enough support to override a potential veto papers we have become a city and a country that has and has not. we want to raise money for people to have food and the cost of living. more money for their children. >> neighboring montgomery and richard county have already approved their own minimum wage hike. >> it just minutes ago we learned that a water main break in arlington did not cause a second one. that is the word from arlington environmental officials. they said that the first water and break -- main break happened in arlington, and then a second one first on street -- munro street. >> they have some decent weather out there as they try to clean up all the remaining issues from those water main breaks. taking a live look outside right now. jacqui jeras here with the
Dec 2, 2013 12:00pm EST
the sun and who is not. to the south in places like fredericksburg and ocean city are making it into the 50s right now. hello, december. we start out the month with an average height of 52 degrees. our average low is 37, down to 29 before the end. we usually get our measurable snowfall, two point three inches on average. we had 15 inches of snow fall grade more on my blog at the area of lowm. an pressure developing off the coast. that is why we are so cloudy. across the country to the northern rockies, this will be a major storm system heading across the gall -- heading across the gulf coast state and could make its way across the east coast and could impact our weather by late in the weekend. as for us today, it's going to be a bit of cloud cover with temperatures around 50 degrees. if we hit 50, it will be the first time we've done that in a week. mostly cloudy skies. 39 degrees. we may even top it by a couple of degrees as we get into the lower 50s. the warming trend will continue and then showers coming tonight and i think we will line down early on saturday and this will
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4